Gathering of Gnomes

Okay, after posting on my Facebook page a themed day of Gnomes. I succumbed to the temptation of purchasing one for myself. If you are around long enough you will find that I am a thrift store shopper, a painter of old furniture. I love to repurpose as well. I always try to find a bargain.

Vintage kitchen, vintage Holiday I adore! I also like to sprinkle a little new with the old! Most of my things are packed away in boxes right now, so what do I do, well, of course, buy more! After sorting through my things, and donating truckloads of stuff, I really don’t need anything else. I guess I can’t help it, cute gets me every time! I have 6 grandchildren, so they each get a little Gnome ornament for their tree! Thanks for stopping by! Hugs!


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