Nothing Fancy!

Good morning! I look at all the other blogs I follow and think they are such eye candy! Beautiful homes, beautiful things, and scrumptious foods! This is mostly about a journey into to older age. Making a huge change and coping with all the things that come with! I say older age because I am already 66!

When I think about folks my age who move into a small apartment or home in a retirement community and take long vacations to exotic places, I think that is not for me! I have never been one to travel, I don’t play golf or bingo. I am a homebody! I never have had a lot of friends mainly because I did not have the time! I started work at 14 and worked until I was 59! Raised three children in there somewhere! Time truly does go by in a blink of an eye! A lot has happened in my life, some good, some very good and some not so good! Like with anyone, we are all dealt with many challenges and the joy we find outweighs all the difficulties! I am grateful for all that God, our heavenly father, the divine power, our creator has given me!

I don’t claim to be a writer, grammar is not my strong suit! So bear with me and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer!

Best regards, Carolyn


2 thoughts on “Nothing Fancy!

  1. Carolyn we sound a lot alike. I am 69 years old and sometimes wonder where the time went. I appreciate your blog and Facebook posts because you do share the normal parts of life. Keep blogging you are doing well.


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