A New Day!

Thursday the 16th of November already! The month is half over! Do you believe it! My middle daughter who is 33 often tells me she can’t believe her oldest daughter is 7, times seems to fly she says! I say, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Time crawls as a child, that old saying “Slow as Christmas” must have come from a child waiting for Santa! My Mother, God rest her soul was full of sayings! The older you get the faster time goes, was another one! Boy, was she right!

I will savor this day and be thankful for it! How about you?

The photo I included is part of my kitchen area. We had to do quite a bit of work in it! New hardwood floors (family effort), the two windows were replaced (hired out) and painting the walls (I did)! I like to paint, I was pleased with the outcome! Although it is getting harder for me to do with my arthritis. Holding a paintbrush and standing on a ladder is a challenge these days. Which famous artist taped his brush to his hand? Maybe it was Van Gogh! We have all heard of the man who complained he had no shoes till he met a man who had no feet. I am grateful for what I can do! We built the back deck with a covering (again family effort) so we could use it with all the rain we get in the Pacific Northwest!

This house was built in 1988. We had to do a lot of just basic maintenance to it. It was bank owned and neglected. My youngest daughter found it for us and we bought it sight unseen, signing papers as we were on the road driving from the Boulder Colorado area. We lived in Colorado for six years and moved back to be closer to kids and grandkids in 2011!

It has been a work in progress for the last 6 years, now we are trying to update a bit. Building sweat equity, mainly because we can’t afford to hire it all out! Cost of labor is so expensive around the Seattle area! Living in the Seattle area is expensive for retirees! It’s the main reason we are planning a move next year so my husband can retire. We will still be in the state of Washington, just further east!

Okay, enough ramblings of life in Cozinest Hollow! Wait! Just one more thing, the Cozinest Hollow name came about when I found my cute logo which came from a 1900’s German postcard. Also, our house seems to sit down in a hollow! In the pines, in the pines where the sun never shines (love that song)! Our new house will be somewhat in a hollow! It has a more open area, higher elevation and surrounded by the Kettle Rage mountains. More sunshine!!! Yay!

Hope you enjoy this day the Universe has handed to us! Life can be oh, so, sweet! It is all that YOU make it!

Thank you, for stopping by! Hugs!







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