Collecting Rae Dunn

Hello, Friends!

It seems like we all like to collect things! I know there is the minimalist out there! I don’t care for the saying, “if you had not used it in the last six months, get rid of it!” That does not fly with me! I like my stuff and I might use it in say 7 months or a year! As soon as I get rid of it, I NEED IT! That is how it works!

Around early September my daughter was looking for a Rae Dunn COFFEE canister to put the K-cups in for her Kreuig! Now she had pinned what she wanted on Pinterest about two years ago! Caroline (my daughter) had stopped at local HomeGoods! She did not find her canister that day but ran into a Rae Dunn collector who was very helpful! The lady had suggested she buy a BEWITCHED mug and join a group on FaceBook of local collectors and thought she might trade for her canister.

Now before this, I had not heard of Rae Dunn pottery, (look her up, she has an interesting story)!

Caroline was very much pregnant at the time, (she delivered on the 14th of September) so it was hard for her to shop! Being the Mother Hen that I am, I went into Mother Mode and said maybe I could help! Caroline had done some research and proceeded to tell me Rae Dunn pottery was hard to find and there are usually Ladies waiting outside the doors at the opening! The pottery is carried in TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods! Well, the closest town has a TJ Maxx and HomeGoods right next to it! Now the HomeGoods store had been in town for over a year and I never went! That quickly changed!

I started going to the openings and waited in line and got to know some of the regular collectors! I had told one of the collectors who had met my daughter and gave her some pointers the situation. That I would like to find Caroline her COFFEE canister before she gave birth! I was elated when she came through and sold it to me. Caroline was thrilled!

I got sucked into the Rae Dunn world! I joined FaceBook groups, started meeting regulars and developed Collecting Friendships! I say “Collecting Friendships” because it is a competitive world! I do feel I have managed a couple real friendships from this! You have the personal collectors, the collectors that find for friends and vice-a-versa. They sell and trade for retail, and then you have the up-chargers that clear shelves and resale on eBay and Mecari at ridiculous prices! I want no part of the up-charge world at least right now! Maybe in a few years if I tire of it and can make a chunk of change maybe! I go in cycles! Right now I am happy to collect, buy and share!

I stick with mostly the LL or Large Letter in black style! She has many styles which are very cute! I don’t have the room or money to go that far! Although it is considered inexpensive $4.99 for a mug or $12.99 for a canister adds up real quick!

A popular current trend is Farmhouse style, which the pottery fits in nicely! When we are ready to sell our house I hope to be able to stage it as such!

Right now too Gnomes are hot and flying off the shelves! Of course, I have had to pick up some of those too! Then you need the accessories, plate stands, shelving (Hobby Lobby), cabinets… to display your collection! It is a slippery slope, so think twice before you go down! It can be consuming! I do try to keep it in check, with one line, the LL! With any trend, it will fall out of grace and something new will come along!

I hope Y’all are having a great Thanksgiving week and thank you for stopping by!

Hugs, from Cozinest Hollow!


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