Camp Fire Girls

The photo above is an outfit for a Camp Fire girl of the 1940’s. A friend gave this to me because she knew I liked old stuff. I do have a respect for older things. I just hated to see this be discarded. The workmanship is impeccable. It is my friend’s Mother’s outfit. I have tried to donate it to the National chapter of Camp Fire Girls and the Seattle Chapter, neither said they had space for it. I finally found a local that said they would be thrilled to have it.

Camp Fire was founded as Camp Fire Girls in 1910 by Luther Halsey Gulick, M.D., and his wife, Charlotte. It is the first non-sectarian organization created for girls in the United States. The watchword, Wohelo, and parts of this ceremony were developed by Mrs. Gulick in the summer of 1910. The watchword is made up of the first two letters of Work, Health, and Love.

Five years later, in 1915, Camp Fire North Texas started their 1st group of Camp Fire girls and this year, we are officially 101 years old, having celebrated our birthday in March.

The Native American culture has long been a source of inspiration for Camp Fire and stimulates creative expression, respect for nature, and sensitivity to the world around us.

The foundation of this organization is built on solid morals and ideas.



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