A Pioneer Way of Life!

As a young girl, I dreamed of living in a log cabin, growing a garden, raising chickens. I knew it would be hard work. I have never shied away from hard work! I enjoy getting my hands dirty and having sore muscles in a good way! Well, things did not work out.

You had to have money to buy land and get a start in life. Just like the young people of today, it is difficult to get a good start. For many just finding a job is a real challenge college degree or no degree! You may end up in a job that is a Soul Sucker! It literally will suck the life out of you! Only a few fortunate folks find a job they love! For years I was in an office! Totally goes against a person’s grain! Stuck in an office on the first warm sunny day of spring! Oh, how I longed to be outside! Once you have children you have to be the responsible adult! There were days when I enjoyed working, don’t get me wrong I was grateful to be able to be a contributing member of society! Thankful I was able to help my children grow up to be responsible adults!

We can so get caught up in the make money spend money way of living. Enjoying life is something you did on weekends and occasional vacations.

At this point in my life, I can still dream of being in that little house of the prairie! A kinder, simple life! Growing a garden, maybe have a few chickens again. So grateful things have worked out where we can afford to buy our 3 acres for $26,000. Dirt cheap compared to where we use to live. 3 acres would easily cost $300,000.

Getting older now and not wanting the hardships of pioneer life, just a little taste of it will do me just fine! Blessed to be able to wake up in the morning and start a day more conducive to healthy living!

Below is a little excerpt from Pioneer life in America.  http://www.jrank.org/

The pioneers lived a rough, dangerous, and demanding life. The men had to be farmers, hunters, trappers, skilled carpenters, and skillful with weapons, especially the rifle. The women did much heavy farm work, raised and cared for the children, cooked, spun yarn, and wove cloth. There were no doctors and medical care had to be improvised. A serious illness or injury often meant death and epidemics were devastating. The pioneer diet was simple, consisting primarily of corn and game. Corn was preferred because it could be easily preserved and salt was used to preserve meat. Eventually, as conditions improved, so did diet, clothing, and the availability of other essentials. Pioneers built their own homes (often helping one another in the hard work), grew and hunted their own food, made their own yarn and cloth, bullets, candles, medicines, shoes, and other necessities. Their way of life fostered values of independence and self-reliance that were reinforced by religion and a strong sense of community. The struggles, hardships, and experiences of the first settlers continued to influence the later community. Values and attitudes were transmitted through stories that have become an essential part of American self-awareness.

Have a wonderful day my friends! Love from Mountain Meme!

Read more: Pioneer life in America – Settlers, Land, Settlement, and Pioneers – JRank Articles http://www.jrank.org/encyclopedia/pages/cm7kxkdlo9/Pioneer-life-in-America.html#ixzz5FrjNKSyr


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