Well, it has been almost a month in my new home! Not saying it is an easy or hard adjustment. I will say it is different.

As I sit high above Curlew Lake, I do so enjoy the view tremendously. The photo above is of the Lake and a little resort which is about a half mile down from our property. You can see the buildings in the center of the photo.

We get good internet reception so my husband is happy! He telecommutes for work. We have had a backup internet installed just in case one goes down. The rest of the area is really rural and reception is not good or non-existent!

The building process is slower than I would like. It takes longer to get materials and fewer contractors available. Once the foundation is poured I am hoping the progress will speed up.

The peace, the tranquility, the birds singing, the view of the sky and surrounding farm areas is something I truly enjoy.

My children and grandchildren are farther away than I would like. We are traveling next week to see them. I am happy it is only a 6-hour drive! It is my youngest granddaughters birthday! She turns 4 and is such a joy!

The ticks, the ants, other varmints I am not so fond of.

I hung a hummingbird feeder only to find the ants have climbed up to it and down the throat of the glass flowers. The ants in the lowest part had died with the ants behind them caused a traffic jam. So my hummingbird stopped coming around. I have since replaced it with an estate sale find hummingbird feeder, this one was 50¢ It seems to keep the ants out and now I have two hummingbirds! All is well!

I have found one tick on me! Yikes! Luckily he was not attached yet. My Son found one as well when he was visiting! His first experience with a tick! He said, “Mom, I found a tick on my butt!” He is 28 years old. Being from Indiana I am more familiar with them!

I think it takes tenacity to live in this area. You do have to plan ahead for a trip to town which can be an all-day affair. Also, the winter which is in the back of my mind with building a house. Time does fly and it will be upon us before you know it. Will we be ready? Good question.

We have our new travel trailer which may be a Godsend if we are not ready. It is four season. It is small but cozy. We could head south or stay on the West side of the mountains.

Just an update on our new Adventures in the Mountains of Eastern Washington state! I hope Y’all enjoy what God has given! I am so grateful and truly blessed!

Carolyn (Mountain Meme)



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