I’m Your Huckleberry!

There are a lot of things that bring me joy! Nothing more than being outside! The sky, trees, flowers, birds… An endless source of entertainment! This morning’s sunrise was a show in itself! Today’s presentation for my enjoyment was in full on technicolor! Just missing that lion’s roar at the beginning! No movie can compare!


Yesterday’s adventure was to a local area, Colville National Forest’s Swan Lake campground! The lake itself is a beautiful clear water lake. A sandy beach area that I can’t wait to take my grandkids to! Surrounding the campsites are low lying huckleberry bushes loaded with a little taste of heaven.  My husband and I managed to gather about 5 cups! It is still a bit early in the season.



Just being there was truly a delightful experience. So quiet and peaceful! The wailful call of the Loon! Nothing goes straight to the soul as that mournful sound! Solitude and peacefulness are wrapped up in that evocative vocalization!

The drive up through the canyon to this magical spot was impressive as well.

I find myself not getting much done because I am constantly grabbing my camera!  All the famous poets of the past that spoke of the wonders of nature at times truly hit the nail on the head! Most of the time when I go someplace I don’t go back! I want to see something new! That may not be the case with this little gem! All I can say is if you want the finest entertainment available, GO OUTSIDE!


Just look at that sky! Enjoy your day and thank you for stopping by for an intimate look at who is behind Cozinest Hollow! Have a wonderful 4th of July week!

Hugs, Carolyn


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